Owen Wilson confirmed for next Wes Anderson film

Long-time friends and fellow screen-writers Owen Wilson and Wes Anderson first met back at the University of Texas at Austin, where they collaborated on their first project Bottle Rocket. Since then, every film Wes Anderson has been involved with has had Owen at his side in one way shape or form (acting or writing), until now. Owen Wilson didn’t take part in Anderson’s newest hit film, Moonrise Kingdom which caused great disappointment to fans of the incredible duo. However, Wes Anderson has gone on the record saying Owen WILL absolutely have involvement in the next film, putting things back the way they should be.

Chris Vognar (of DallasNews) said the following:
“Just got off the phone with Wes Anderson, unwinding from the Cannes Film Festival with some friends in Italy. (Tough life). Moonrise Kingdom, his strongest film in years, is set to open June 1 in Dallas. He feels good about it, but acknowledges something (or someone) is missing. That would be Dallas’ Owen Wilson, an Anderson staple as an actor and a co-writer.

“This is the first movie I’ve made that he hasn’t been directly involved with, although he was around as a friend,” says Anderson, above at Cannes, who became good buddies with Wilson at the University of Texas shortly before they made their first feature, Bottle Rocket. “We started out doing this stuff together in the first place. It’s a family dynamic.”

The good news: Anderson’s current script in progress, a large ensemble piece, has a part for his old friend, and Wilson says he’s in.”

If you guys are anything like me, this adds a much-welcomed air of excitement and anticipation for the future Anderson project! A big thank-you to Rushmore Academy for the heads up on this!

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