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Pre-Order The Internship on DVD/Blu-Ray Combo

There isn’t an official release date for the DVD or Blu-Ray version of The Internship yet (estimated October 2013), but it IS available for pre-order through Amazon! Click on the picture below to be taken to the website, you’ll receive the low price guarantee and free shipping!


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The Internship: Owenation Admin Review

I was given the opportunity to see an early screening of The Internship this evening, the next state over. So I happily suited up in an Owenation t-shirt & hat, and took a little road trip! Here is my review of the film, enjoy!


Starting out, I’d just like to say that in spite of a few naysayers out there, The Internship didn’t even remotely feel like a giant advertisement for Google. It provided a unique and interesting environment for the backbone of the film, but it didn’t feel over-glorified or metaphorically shoved down your throat.

I found the entire cast to be full of charming, witty, talented, diverse, and funny individuals. They came together in such a way that made for some really wonderful characters, and the majority of the actors seemed to have a certain sense of “comfort” with one another that allowed them to mesh and create a believable, fluffy, feel-good, funny story. You’re also treated with a few notable cameo appearances, such as regular “frat pack” member Will Ferrell, and the very talented John Goodman.

You’ll find more depth to the film than you may expect from a typical romp from Wilson and Vaughn, they give you a variety of emotions ranging from the “belly chuckle” and the “d’awww” with even a bit of sadness mixed in. I found myself developing real attachments to some of these characters, I wanted them to succeed. I found myself able to identify with a number of them, from feeling like the older “out of touch” person, to the “misunderstood dorky kid” and I think most of us can and will find that we can identify emotionally with at least one of these aspects. It was interesting to see the characters from all different walks of life come together for the universal idea of being successful, and they all have their own reasons and ways of accomplishing (or trying to accomplish) their goals.

Is this Wedding Crashers part two? Absolutely not. Will this film have tears rolling down your face from your uncontrollable laughter? Probably not. Are there some loose/unnecessary plot ends? Moderately, yes. Will this film offer you anything new? Sadly, no. Does it offer enjoyment to a wide range of people? Sure. In spite of the PG-13 rating, I found that they really pushed the envelope with some of the content (some sexual innuendo, and some coarse language) but I think it’s just “edgy” enough to keep the adults entertained, while being “mild” enough to keep parents and teenagers satisfied.

Overall I found the film to be comfortably delightful, it may not have anything very innovative or new, it won’t give you much of anything you haven’t already seen out of a buddy movie somewhere along the way, but it’s the chemistry between the actors, especially Wilson and Vaughn, and the very genuine feel that you get from the film that will bring a smile to your face. The writing is decent, the laughs aren’t gut-busting, but the smiles are plentiful. It’s simple, good fun.

Would I recommend seeing this film in the theaters? Absolutely. Bring friends, go have a good time, then come back here and leave me a comment! Let’s discuss it!

Hilarious New Clip From “Internship”

Check out this extended scene of “the interview” from the upcoming film The Internship. In these scene we see Vince Vaughn (Billy) and Owen Wilson (Nick) apply for their internship at Google with their first ever online interview experience. Featuring BJ Novak of “The Office (US)” fame, enjoy this amazing clip:

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