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Vanity Stool Australia – You’re probably so utilized to seeing your old bathroom vanity every day that it is hard to imagine the next one in its place. You’ve been in different bathrooms, but nothing has actually struck your fancy. It looks like picking between bathroom vanities will be harder than you ever thought. Vanities123 makes it easier for you to make your decision by explaining the various types of bathroom vanities so that you are able to narrow down your choices.

Toilet Vanity Style

There are primarily two different bathroom vanity styles:

• Antique – The classic style is generally made from wood and is inspired by bathroom fittings of yesteryear. Ranging from very elaborate to fairly simple, their classical structure adds distinction to most bathrooms. Antique style vanities can be quite costly depending on the materials required to create the dressing table and the amount of craftsmanship. However, it’s likely to find less costly vanities at the classic style which were created with durable, but cheaper materials.

The materials used to make a contemporary vanity can be very varied, such as metal, wood, glass, and vinyl. If you know you are not interested in an antique vanity, begin looking at different contemporary vanity materials to narrow down your choices.

Material for Bathroom Vanities

• Wood – The most common substance for bathroom vanities, wood could be costly or moderate, elegant or kitschy, modern or classic.
• Glass – Ordinarily very contemporary in design, glass vanities can add a polished, classy appearance any bathroom. Glass vanities are often combined with other materials and can be striking wall-mounted basins or possess ample storage beneath.
• Marble, ceramic, ceramic, and other less conventional materials – Technically, any substance that can hold water can be used to create a one of a kind dressing table. The majority of these vanities look very contemporary, but a few are rustic or Greco-Roman.

Sizes for Bathroom Vanities

• Single Basin – Most vanities are single basin. The plumbing hook up Is Quite simple and also these vanities can usually be installed directly in the area occupied by your current
Dressing table.
• Dual Basin – All these vanities have two sinks and are often found in master bedrooms. They give couples or siblings the convenience of separate sinks, but they do occupy a good deal of space. If you’ve got a very large family and lots and lots of space, then you can custom order vanities with a number of basins.

Be sure to measure your bathroom to ensure that your dressing table will fit comfortably with your other fittings. As you begin to limit your choices, you’ll realize that your drab bathroom is going to be a distant memory earlier than you thought.

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